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A Review & A Thank You From I Love Recovery Cafe – By Nicola O’Hanlon

It’s been quite the year at I Love Recovery Café. We celebrated our one year Anniversary in September and The Café has developed into something I wasn’t quite expecting. Actually, I didn’t have expectations as such, it was a leap of faith and a turn of fate – you might say. But looking back over the site on this Winter Solstice day, I’m overwhelmed by the quality of work and the talent and dedication of each and every one of our contributors. Let me share some of our highlights with you! In one year we managed to bring you just over 240 submissions from 80 different contributors. These came in the form of essays, poetry, music and art. The subjects of these submissions spanned a wide range of topics including, nutrition, yoga, mental health, positive thinking, personal stories, professional advice from experts and in depth book reviews……the list is endless.… Continue reading

Jackie Steins Review of A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery By Rosemary O’Connor – Domestic Violence & Shame

It seems that each time my friend and I read a couple of chapters for my review, we see that the topics mesh effortlessly. I can’t imagine two more closely connected chapters than the topics of domestic abuse and violence and shame. We are reminded by Rosemary O’Connor, the author of this book, that domestic abuse and violence is not always what we see on reality television. Yes, there is often physical abuse, but more frequently there is significant emotional and psychological abuse. And why does it not reach the same level of reporting? Because the victims sit in shame and silence. Let’s not live in denial…abuse and violence can be perpetrated by both men and women. It might even be harder for a man to admit that he has been abused by his partner because society places even more shame in the face of machismo. We are starting to… Continue reading

Do You Want What You Have? – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

I am a goal writer & I have the evidence to prove it! I’ve written goals for decades on hundreds of pieces of paper, wooden boards, white boards, sticky notes and virtually every surface that provides a place of transcription. I think goals are awesome. I like achieving them. Yet in this moment, I don’t feel the usual buzz of excitement I get from contemplating a fresh start – a new beginning. What I feel is resistance. Rebellion. The Grinch of impending New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been feeling a lot of resistance lately. Impatience for not achieving what I’d set out to do. Resistance to continuing to try. But as of yesterday I came to a joyful place. It happened in my mouth of all places. I’d been stressing over food. Wanting to eat more but, wanting to be free of the few nagging pounds that keep me from my GOAL weight. I resisted… Continue reading

“Luciana” Piano Piece – By Dave Rose

I composed this piece of piano music for a TV documentary about a young girl who was suffering from a rare illness. Hopefully this piece touches – in some small way – her tremendous spirit. Recorded and produced at www.leicester-recordingstudio.co.uk.   https://soundcloud.com/davidrosecomposer/luciana-composed-by-david-rose Continue reading