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A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery by Rosemary O’Connor – Laughter is the Best Medicine, Review By Jackie Stein

In Rosemary O’Connor’s chapter called “Joy and Laughter”, she talks about the lack of those things while in the midst of the disease, and how she found them again in recovery. Rosemary talks about a number of instances that reminded her of the power of laughter and joy in everyday life. One of the places that laughter exists but seemed out of place in early recovery was in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. I, too, have vivid memories of my first few meetings in recovery. My pre-conceived notion was that I would be walking into a room full of middle-aged men, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and looking surly and serious. I expected to go into a church basement so filled with smoke it would be difficult to see the other people in the room. As I approached the church, I noticed that there were about a dozen people standing outside… Continue reading

What’s In Your Shopping Cart Of Life – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

If you work around a hospital it doesn’t take long to realize not everyone gets his full 24 hours. People die. Years cut “short.’ That’s what we say, isn’t it, even when someone is 88 or 92. Yet each and everyday we wake up expecting our full 24 as if it’s an exhaustive supply. We are so certain about it, we often use phrases like “killing time,” as if we have a pesky excess. The one true leveling aspect of all humanity is time.  Regardless of economics, education, language skills or deficits, we are all on the dole of time. 24 hours. 86,400 seconds to spend. If life were a shopping cart, what would be in yours? Are you picking what nourishes or what’s cheap quick and filling? How about your relationships? Plucked from the fresh produce or the soon-to-expire section? What about your work? Is it the piping hot… Continue reading

Dear Judgy Lady On Facebook – By Elizabeth Ann

Dear judgy lady on facebook, I read the article you shared on narcan. Your opinion and commentary made my pulse pound and my face flush. I was angry, but after a few minutes passed I didn’t want to punch you in the face anymore. My heart softened towards you, because I know you just don’t get it. You are so lucky and I am envious of that. I wish more than anything else that I didn’t get it either. I never wanted to and as much as I think you suck for saying what you did, I hope you never have to. You see, I know something you don’t know. I have lived it, walked it and most importantly survived it, while you sit on the other end of a computer content in your ignorance. I hear that it is bliss. I made a decision early on in life not… Continue reading


    It is my one-year wedding anniversary. Somehow I managed to not only piece myself together and stay sober, but I managed to be an equal to another human being. Another person who accepted my faults, my flaws, and stood with me on this journey. It’s amazing, amazing how Chris stuck with me during my mess. During the lies. Through rehab and relapse. Why are the people we love the most the ones we are harshest to? Why are the ones who love us the ones we push away? He watched a child fall on his face over and over again, watched me stumble and cry in defeat until finally, finally those little shards of light seeped through the cracks. And I began to emerge. The today me. The person who writes these words. Not just writes them, but lives them. The person who shares from experience instead of… Continue reading

Nicola talks to Damien Wade about the Fundamentals of Wellness (Podcast)

Damien Wade is the owner of a holistic health, educational, performance & rehabilitation center, called Health 3.0 and setup in 2011. “My journey started when my mother was diagnosed with cancer back in 2006. I was brought on an educational roller coaster to find answers about the cause of her disease, a search which is still on-going 4 years after her passing and will continue for the rest of my life. She was one of my best teachers, and through her humble battle against this dis-ease, she taught me some valuable pearls of wisdom that I feel in my heart must be shared with the world to help people understand how we can become diseased on different levels. My passion for health has taken me all over the world helped me pursue an education that has given me the tools to help humanity understand and reverse dis-ease”. The mission of… Continue reading