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My Girl Would Simply Dance For Me – By Ruby T

Today, I can say with confidence, “I am the Mother”   but my journey did not always look the way it does today.  There was a time when I was very sick with a violent addiction so very lost.  But because of Grace and Mercy I, the prodigal daughter, was allowed to return home.  Thus began my journey of learning what love actually looked like for the first time in my life.  And even though this little girl had every reason in the world to be angry, accusatory, and distrustful, it was through this tiny being that I began to understand radical forgiveness love with no limits and the gift of unfettered joy.  Even knowing of my wretched, unworthy condition of having been that mother who left her children… my girl would simply dance for me.   RubyT❁ Continue reading

Lets Examine Our Nutrition Intake – By Kathleen Russell

I often wonder how self examination of my behaviors and patterns offered me any real directions in my life. I loved writing in a journal, reflecting and contemplating the mystery of this universe. When I was around the age of 6, I discovered behaviors that helped me get my own way. I pushed with all my might to get away with what I could. These learned behaviors developed and taken into juvenile years and through my 20’s, led to self deception….and I was the last to know. I searched out only what I wanted and the rest didn’t pertain to me. No real truth came my way long enough to stay awake. I went back to sleep. Staying unconscious kept the ball of confusion going. I was stuck in my rebellious nature. I lived without a care of consequence until I got caught red-handed….real fear! Self-empowerment is within, not out… Continue reading

Soup As Meditation – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

  When I don’t know what else to do I make chicken soup. I called a girlfriend I hadn’t spoken to in a couple of months.  “I have breast cancer,” she said. “This s a bump in the road. I’m having surgery next week. We’ll see what happens.” I hung up digesting the weight of that call. Next, I called my cousin. She just had surgery to avert worsening glaucoma, but her surgery provoked the very thing they hoped to avoid.  A surge of pressure now threatened to blind her. With love and prayers I hung up. I then called my daughter at college who was having an angsty moment of overwhelm and uncertainty. I listened as best I could, refraining (as best I could), from reframing her situation and coaching her. “I don’t want you to be a coach mom.” she said.  I offered love and support and hung up.… Continue reading

A Meditation By Kyczy Hawk – Self-love & Truth (20min Podcast)

A beautiful 20 minute meditation from Kyczy Hawk to promote Self-love, Self-care and fulfilling your highest level of truth that is already present deep in our souls. Kyczy delivers the meditation beautifully. Her voice is both calming, encouraging and affirming. Please listen. You will love it! Continue reading

A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery By Rosemary O’Connor – Spirituality is for People who have already been to Hell – Review By Jackie Stein

In the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, a familiar refrain is that religion is for those who are afraid of Hell and spirituality is for people who have already been there. I am here to tell you that no truer words have been said. Most people who walk through the doors of AA or NA have been to Hell and back at least once and know first-hand what the depths of this disease can portend. We come to this program with many different hopes and dreams. Some are looking for a safe way to drink. Some are looking for a magic potion to take away the desire to drink. Almost all have come with a desire to feel better and failing that, to feel at all. When we get to Step Two, after having taken the step to acknowledge that we are powerless over the next drink and that our lives… Continue reading