Patrick Holbert shows us how to not take ourselves so seriously!


About Patrick Holbert

Patrick Holbert is a standup comedian with 10 years sober. He uses his past struggles with alcohol as fodder for his brutally honest comedy. He is currently on tour performing his educational comedy show about substance abuse ("Punch Line Drunk") at colleges across the country. In it, Patrick shares his transformative journey from abusing substances to amusing audiences. It’s an informational “TED Talk of Shame” spanning his college years as an overachiever under the influence, his debaucherous career as a TV producer, and how it all came crashing down. When he’s not on stage, he also works as a substance abuse counselor and recovery coach. An active member in his sober community, Patrick is married and lives in Brooklyn. He hosts a weekly podcast with his wife called "Who Cares About Ross & Patrick" where they discuss marriage, sex, love, and recovery.
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