Planning For A Retreat – Santosha and Letting Go March 2 – 4 2018

I have been holding Santosha (contentment) retreats for four years. This year is my fifth. Each of the topics is designed to investigate and address something that harms our contentment; preventing us of enjoying peace. This year I am presenting aspect of letting go.

What is so difficult about letting go? Why do we hold on and what is it, about ANY issue or choice, are we really holding on to? Holding on is uncomfortable and letting go opens us to something we… can’t imagine- this change possibly feeling even more uncomfortable.

Leaving a job, getting a new job, graduating or starting school, leaving home, starting a new family, going into or out of a relationship- all of these changes require a letting go. We have preferences, we have hopes, and we may also struggle with control. Ultimately, however we need to let go and turn over outcomes to our higher power. That process is itchy, is difficult, is hard.

The hard part can be painful, the itchy can be anxiety provoking. Can we turn into discomfort at the same time doing our footwork? Can we do just enough and turn the outcome to our higher power?

These are questions we will be developing and considering during the LETTING GO discussion at this year’s Santosha Retreat in the hills above Santa Cruz California at the Land of Medicine Buddha. Check out the beautiful property here:

In addition to contemplating questions like the above we are going to practice yoga each day, meditate everyday, we will enjoy music, and do an art project.  Hiking, hot tubs, sauna and community will all be available as well. There is delicious locally sourced vegetarian food and the beautiful redwoods around us to be enjoyed.

As the organizer of this workshop I study the topic, find a way to develop it and to present resolutions. We collaborate on this in discussion, yoga practices, guided meditation and in our art. I allow the retreat center to work its magic and we have time to explore the land, the stupa, the mediation halls and the Golden Healing Center.

Where is this happening and when?” you cry! Soon! Friday through Sunday: March 2 – 4, 2018 at Land of Medicine Buddha in the Nicene Forest in Soquel near Santa Cruz, California. If you are free join us! Go to my website: . and register. An agenda, directions and suggestions will be distributed mid-February.

Kyczy Hawk

About Kyczy Hawk

Author of “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path” , “Life in Bite-Sized Morsels” and “From Burnout to Balance” she continues to submit articles to recovery and yoga oriented publications. Her new book:”Yogic Tools for Recovery: A Guide for Working the Twelve Steps” and “Yogic Tools Workbook” are available now. Kyczy has been teaching recovery focused yoga classes since 2008. She has combined the wisdom and inspiration from other teachers along the way creating S.O.A.R.™; a program to help prepare yoga teachers to bring the practice to people in recovery. Join her June 20, 2018 for a​ webinar​ on the Vagus Nerve:​ “Release and Revive: Vagal Tone and The Art Of Regulation” ; for tools on how to calm and regulate your body, mind and spirit. You can join Kyczy and a host of other people in recovery every Sunday morning at 8am PT (11am ET) on In The Rooms for the Yoga Recovery meeting. Kyczy is very proud of her family; husband, kids, and grandkids, all who amaze her in unique and wonderful ways. More about her work can be found at
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