Podcast with Dawn Clancy from Growing Up Chaotic


I spoke to Dawn Clancy recently, creator of Growing Up Chaotic, a community for friends and families of addicts and survivors of abuse. Dawn and I met originally when we both wrote for AfterPartyMagazine. She shares some of her story with us and gives us some great advice on how to live a functional life, despite growing up chaotic!


Nicola O'Hanlon

About Nicola O'Hanlon

Meet our Editor-In-Chief, Nicola O'Hanlon. She created this website, along with the help of the InTheRooms team in September 2015. Her work has been published in several recovery magazines, including Recovery Today, In Recovery Magazine, AfterPartyChat.com, Psychology Today and Reach Out Recovery to name but a few. She has also had her work published in two Feminist anthologies and a book of personal recovery stories. Born and raised in Wexford, Ireland she still lives there with her two children, Christopher and Jessica. Her background is in healing through Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Sechiem Energy Healer. She has combined her professional and life experience and now coaches women on how to empower themselves. She runs the Womens Wisdom Healing Circle meeting, on InTheRooms.com every Sunday (Noon est 5pm UK & Ireland), which is a non program specific gathering of women seeking support, encouragement and healing. Already an expert on how not to live life she is a constant seeker of new and better ways of being. Nature is her Higher Power and she believes in magic, crystals and blames the phases of the moon for her multiple personalities.
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    Deborah McConnell

    Listening to the podcast and was connected to you and Dawn right away. I am so grateful for Dawn telling her driving the car story. I have the same experience in 1986. I still have to ‘accomodate’ myself when I drive. It was that feeling of terror and stuck that I experienced in the home with my alcoholic, abusive step dad and mom. This stuff is real and we live with it daily.

    Also, thank you for repeatedly saying, “We need to tell our stories.” Amen and Yes, yes, yes! I feel like the little Who’s that said, “We are here, WE ARE HERE.” I believe this is my life’s calling to heal my ACA wounds and to support and help others do the same. Much love!!!!! Deb M.

    • I’ll be doing another podcast with Dawn soon about her new Adult Child of Alcoholics program. Dawn is such a great person and I’m sure her program will be too

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