Healing A Broken Heart through Nutrition – By Kathleen Russell

Matters of the heart are generally a big issue for people in recovery. Not only from the emotional aspect, as we learn to come to terms with our past, but also from a physical sense, having spent years abusing our bodies recklessly. So what mends a broken heart? Self-care is always the first port of call regardless of whether we are healing physically or emotionally. The steps to healing an emotionally broken or a physically broken heart are pretty much the same. For both we need support from others, a change in our thinking, perception and behaviour and the willingness to do what it takes to heal ourselves. The following are steps and suggestions to heal your heart through self-care and nurturing which will ensure you will feel better, mentally, emotionally and physically. Fitness: Cardio exercise practices that are fun and suitable to you are evidenced to be necessary to… Continue reading

Easy Does It – New Year Nutrition

It’s interesting that when I heard “easy does it” for the first time, it registered in my brain to mean – sit back and relax – there’s no hurry! The denial ran deep in my unconscious giving me permission to indulge in procrastination. My problematic thinking stemmed from many years of misconceptions. I was my own worst enemy, either in overt retaliation or covert destruction. I didn’t know I was stuck in a merry go round of self-deception. Anyone who tried to help me see the light, no matter how kind their approach couldn’t penetrate my justification armour. A wise woman once told me, when the intensity of my emotions were getting the best of me “Kathy – The Only Way to Change your behavior is to CHANGE your behavior”. That was three years into my recovery. She literally took my breath away when she said it. What a huge… Continue reading

Stress Management – How can food help? – Kathleen Russell

When we become abstinent from our drug or behavior of choice, a world of opportunity for healing the mind body and spirit opens up to us. Many of us find that the reality of our lives without our addiction to lean on is highly stressful. The nutritional needs are higher than average when we are dealing with managing stress, therefore our diet should be a priority and at the top of our self-care list. In managing our stress levels we eventually find what works for us as individuals. For me, finding a spiritual path had to come first in order to be open to physical awareness and becoming mindful of changes I needed to make. Self-awareness regarding all aspects of my life is at the forefront of my own recovery. Our physical condition deserves as much attention as our spiritual quests, if we want complete wellness. The quality of our… Continue reading

Self-Punishment to Self-Love – By Nicola O’Hanlon

One of the root causes of my addictive personality has always been self-hatred. Despite many years in therapy, I’m not sure when it started or if it’s completely ended yet. However, self-love and acceptance is definitely obtained easier and in a gentler manner for me these days. There was a time I felt that everything about me was ugly, both inside and out. Subsequently, that feeling brought about an urge to punish myself, in the hopes of whipping myself into shape, mentally, emotionally and definitely physically. I loved pushing myself to extreme limits in all areas of my life – especially when it came to my physical appearance. Exercise and food control were once the most important part of my life. I would wake in the morning, and my first thought would be about what I was going to eat, or not eat, and how many calories I could burn… Continue reading

Depletion or Restoration – Nutrition to Help the Balance

Restoring a healthy mind and emotions were my main concern when I started my journey in recovery. I was a ball of confusion and was unaware how much that caused my body to be depleted of health and energy. Despite thinking I was taking care of myself, I was still getting sick a lot. I was consumed with emotional disturbances and it was tough trying to stay sane and clean. I had little energy to deal with anything else.  Eventually, when things calmed down some, I began to pay more attention to the other aspects affecting my wellbeing. I began to focus on my food and nutrition. I noticed how sugar and simple carbs were not my friend. They did by all means offer comfort for a time, but I knew if I kept moving in that direction I was only hurting myself further. The number on the scale was… Continue reading