Can Recovering Sex Addicts Still Have Sex? (Hint: Yes, They Can.) – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Sex addicts new to recovery typically have little to no idea how to define sexual sobriety. Sometimes they worry that sexual sobriety is the same as chemical sobriety, where permanently abstaining is the ultimate goal. Many say that if that is the case, they’ll stick with their addiction thank you very much. And would anyone fault them for this? Happily, sex addiction recovery is less like recovery from substance abuse and more like recovery from an eating disorder, where the goal is learning how to eat in healthy ways rather than abstaining entirely, which would obviously be a very bad idea. As such, long-term recovery from sex addiction does not mean addicts can never have sex again. Instead, sexual recovery is a process of learning to be sexual in life-affirming, relationship-affirming, non-compulsive, and non-problematic ways. Nevertheless, most newly recovering sex addicts are asked in treatment to take a 30, 60,… Continue reading

Can Teenagers Be Sexually Addicted? – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Teens, by nature, are curious about sex, often to an extreme. Thus, it can be difficult to separate normal adolescent sexual behaviors from addiction. That said, teens absolutely can be sex addicts. In fact, as the internet has provided increased access to sexual content and contacts, therapists have seen an equal if not larger increase in adolescent sexual addiction. Basically, kids now have access to all sorts of hyper-intense sexual stimulation that their parents were not exposed to, and at least a few of them are getting hooked. In the last year or two, not a week has passed without me hearing from another therapist or a distraught parent asking for advice about dealing with a sexually compulsive minor. Typically, the first thing I have to talk about is the difference between normal teen behaviors and addiction. For instance, a boy who masturbates to pornography most nights of the week… Continue reading

Interview With Carolyn Elliott – Witch and Creator of Coaching Programs THRILL, a masterclass for writing on the web & INFLUENCE, a guide to practical magic

Carolyn Elliott is my latest mentor and probably the most bullshit free teacher I’ve ever had. She has taught me the essence of being fearless and thorough, which is spoken about often in the recovery world, but rarely have I seen it……until now. This exquisite woman doesn’t just sparkle, she sizzles. When I came across her coaching programs I just knew I wanted to learn what this lady was offering. She’s hugely successful, highly intelligent and insanely beautiful inside and out. I am completely obsessed with her and her philosophy on life… case you hadn’t noticed. Carolyn is the creator of THRILL: the masterclass on writing for the social web, building your business, and getting paid. She is also a Witch and a sought-after coach for magical people. She has a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, and is the author of Awaken Your Genius:… Continue reading

An In-depth review of “A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery – By Rosemary O’Connor. Love Relationships & Super Mom – Review By Jackie S.

Hello fellow travelers and welcome to the next installment of my review of Rosemary O’Connor’s book dealing with multiple issues facing moms in recovery, with a focus on taking care of both yourself and your children. This week my reading partner and I tackled two chapters. The first focused on the Love Relationship in recovery, especially in early recovery. The second chapter deals with a mother’s obsessive attempts to be Supermom, both before and during recovery. The primary theme of both chapters is that relationships can be very dysfunctional if we don’t work at them all the time. The primary automatic negative thought from both chapters that we have told ourselves throughout our lives is that we are not enough. Time to stop both dysfunctional behaviors. Rosemary begins her chapter on love relationships telling the story of relationships among people in early recovery. While there have been anecdotal instances of… Continue reading

Women and Sexual Addiction – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Sometimes people think sex addiction is a males-only issue. However, that is not the case. Women are just as susceptible as men to the escapist neurochemical rush created by compulsive sexual fantasies and behaviors. Unfortunately, female sex addicts are much less likely to self-identify as being sexually addicted and to seek treatment for the disorder. Most likely, this reticence is caused by socio-cultural attitudes toward gender and sexuality. Essentially, men with out of control sex lives are often viewed by their peers as studs, ladies men, and players. Meanwhile, women engaging in the same behaviors may be called whores, sluts, homewreckers, and all sorts of other not very nice names. Thus, male sex addicts tend to be less ashamed about and more willing to discuss their sexual compulsivity. Sometimes they’re actually quite proud of their sexual adventuring, despite the repeated and continually escalating negative consequences they’ve experienced. Conversely, female sex… Continue reading