He Likes To Be Asked

Thank you God for Guiding Me, My pen and My Thoughts. As I waver at the brink of darkness it threatens me with control. I remember to pray, the darkness recedes and bright God consciousness settles in its place. Many prayers have gone into this lovely shifting. Being sick and tired of revisiting that nightmare place, has turned my steps away from the brink in search of a better realness. One more suitable to a Child of God. He likes to be asked….. Thank you comes pretty easy for Me when I can clear away the wreckage and lift my face to the light.   Continue reading

InTheRooms.com – Where The World Joins Together In Recovery

There was a time when my recovery was confined to 12 step meetings in my own home group in my own little town, in my own corner of the world. That corner of the world would be Ireland, for those of you who have no idea who I am. Initially I didn’t really notice that the recovery rooms I frequented were full of the same faces with the same stories day after day. So eager was I to “get it” that I spent every ounce of energy I possessed soaking up what all these remarkable people had to say. What I heard was solid, unwavering recovery at its very best. I am blessed with my recovery fellowship and my first introduction to 12 step programs was so spiritually based that it has enabled me to end my love affair with every self sabotaging behavior – except for drinking too much… Continue reading

The Healing Power Of Love – By Paul Hellwig

I remember when my first spiritual teacher told me that love was the most important thing there was, that it could transcend and heal all things. I thought he was crazy….not the love I was familiar with. The love that I knew was learned from those perfect families on TV and any of that I received from my family came at too high a cost. So if that was what I needed to heal I’d rather stay broken. Little did I know how wrong that I was! My difficulty with love growing up was that I really didn’t know much about it. It was so rarely mirrored for me in my family so that my perception of what it was became skewed. I remember as a little boy waking up early in the morning and running into my parent’s room and jumping under the covers to snuggle with my father.… Continue reading

Can I Be Grateful For The Shit In My Life? – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

I lay in bed at 5:27 a.m. setting my intention for the day. How about a Thanksgiving twist? This Thanksgiving I’ll be grateful for the shit in my life. Reasoning if I could be grateful for the shit, being grateful for the gifts would be Thanksgiving on steroids. Intention set, I got out of bed stumbling barefooted in the darkness toward the bathroom. My foot came down on something warm, soft and mushy. Wait, that did not just happen. Note to self, when setting intentions be very specific about language. Yes, I had just stepped in my first gift of the morning. “Whaddya grateful for now?” I admit it’s much easier to be philosophical while warm in bed, than on-the- spot grateful with warm crap between my toes. Why was I grateful for stepping in poop? My feet were cold and the sensation of stepping in something warm and soft… Continue reading

Embracing The Fullness Of My Feelings – By Nicola O’Hanlon

Today the moon is full. I follow the moons cycles, as is the way of my spiritual practice. When the moon is at its fullest I use it as a guide to explore how I feel, in an attempt to embrace myself fully. All my parts. Not just the bits I like but also the bits that I’m not totally wild about. One of the most significant of lessons I have learned is that categorising feelings into good and bad piles is a complete waste of time. Through my years of self-development my perception now is that there is no such thing as a good or bad feelings. Feelings just are. I noticed the reaction of my rescue dog Ruby, to the new arrival of Reggie, another rescue dog we adopted this week. She wasn’t happy. She sulked and became quiet and basically reacted to the presence of this other… Continue reading