Interview With Carolyn Elliott – Witch and Creator of Coaching Programs THRILL, a masterclass for writing on the web & INFLUENCE, a guide to practical magic

Carolyn Elliott is my latest mentor and probably the most bullshit free teacher I’ve ever had. She has taught me the essence of being fearless and thorough, which is spoken about often in the recovery world, but rarely have I seen it……until now. This exquisite woman doesn’t just sparkle, she sizzles. When I came across her coaching programs I just knew I wanted to learn what this lady was offering. She’s hugely successful, highly intelligent and insanely beautiful inside and out. I am completely obsessed with her and her philosophy on life… case you hadn’t noticed. Carolyn is the creator of THRILL: the masterclass on writing for the social web, building your business, and getting paid. She is also a Witch and a sought-after coach for magical people. She has a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, and is the author of Awaken Your Genius:… Continue reading

Nightmares Of The Past – By Mary Black

I had a nightmare last night . Last night I was haunted by the spirits of my past; addictions and drug use. I was using cocaine, alcohol, marijuana and pills in my dream and I was selling cocaine. It was so realistic that I felt the effects of all these substances, I could barely walk or speak, and while selling drugs I could see the spirit of addiction in the addicts eyes as they were buying off of me. Those of you who know me should know that a couple of years ago that’s exactly where I was, selling drugs to feed my addiction. It went against everything I believe as a wholehearted, compassionate and caring individual; it caused me pain every time I sold to anybody. But the spirit of addiction enveloped my entire being. I sold to my own friends and saw them become consumed by the drugs… Continue reading

Make Believe~Make Belief: Getting Where You’re Going – By Tsgyona Tanzman

“How old are you? The eight-year-old boy in the swimming pool asked my nephew, Kevin. “Five.” said Kevin, “but I’m closer to eight.” “Duh, if you’re five, you’re not closer to eight.” the older boy scoffed. “Well, I’m closer to eight than I am to one.” said Kevin, adding, “And I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but what you say means nothing to me.” Bam, I’ll have what he’s having. Some might call this posturing, bigger-than-his-britches thinking. Some might insist Kevin “tell the truth.” But what is the truth? The truth is Kevin is closer to eight, because he’s focused on where he’s going not where he’s been. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t there. It matters that he’s on his way. We’re so focused on the end goal that the “becoming part” is often passed over as the pesky process on the way to get the goods. But what happens when… Continue reading

Thriving Versus Striving In Recovery: The Power Of Language – By Nicola O’Hanlon

Thriving and striving: two action words that have very different effects on my mind, body and soul. How I speak to myself and the thoughts I have before words leave my mouth, have become fundamental parts of my functionality on this planet and plays a vital part in how my world manifests. More to the point…language plays a vital part in how I manifest my world. Through my training in several healing modalities I have become abundantly aware of how each of us has the ability to heal our own bodies, minds and hearts. While that belief may be rather radical and far reaching for some, it is my experience that it is totally possible and happens daily, even from the most extreme of illness. I trained in Reflexology, Reiki and Therapeutic Massage before I ever even considered that substance abuse was something I engaged in. Yet I knew I… Continue reading

Thriving versus Striving In Recovery – A Yogic View: By Kyczy Hawk

What is the difference between striving and thriving? The general understanding of the words is the difference between making strenuous effort and flourishing. To me it is the difference between getting clean and recovering. Both efforts are important. One got me to the gift of desperation; the other keeps me on my road to restoring my sanity. Striving got me here (to recovery) and thriving keeps me here. I was depleted, guilt ridden, ashamed, and exhausted when I gave up drinking. I was demoralized and spiritually depleted when I first gave up using drugs. My move to being sober was not toward the wonderful life I would be living; it was away from the pain and misery my life had become. I wasn’t working toward anything. I had no idea about what my future would be like, the life I would eventually lead. I had only the goal of stopping. Stopping… Continue reading