Please Don’t Tell Me “I’m In A Safe Place” – By Jamie Marich Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, REAT, RMT

We’ve all heard it—from yoga teachers, from therapists, from ministers, from other holistic practitioners: “You’re in a safe place.” Many guided meditations directly write this line into the scripts with the intention of setting a tone for safety and security. The LGBT and other socially progressive movements also like to make use of phrases like safe space or safe zone to alert people that (in theory) they won’t be judged in a particular venue. Therapists and 12-step sponsors I’ve talked to over the years insist on the value of this line. The general argument is that if people coming for services have no conceptualization of what safety means, they must be instructed as to what is a safe place, a safe person, or a safe experience. They must be reminded that the danger of the past is indeed passed. I call foul. Whenever I’ve been told, as a survivor of… Continue reading

The Belly Brain – By Kyczy Hawk

From time to time I teach an eight week class at the Recovery Cafe San Jose called “Befriending Your Body”. A simple seated yoga practice combined with breathing techniques and meditation after a check in make for a lively session with the students. Combining some recovery oriented discussion with mindful movements is a way for us all to re-inhabit our bodies. (Recovery Cafe San Jose is a place where people can recover themselves, their sobriety and their dignity with loving community, good food, the arts and holistic practices.) Addiction is a way to lose ourselves. We evade and avoid emotions and memories with active use. Whether the feelings are physical such as pain, or emotional; anything from boredom to terror, the click of a chip, the wink of an eye, the pop of a drug can change all that. We can move to a sensation that we know – comfortably… Continue reading

Thoroughness From the Very Start – By Kyczy Hawk

Recovery is a program of action. We are encouraged to “participate in our own recovery”, to work the twelve steps until they work IN us. Being complete, being exhaustive in our efforts is highly recommended. In the big book of AA we are nearly promised a life free of relapse when we practice the principles completely and with devotion. “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path..” intimating that anything less was doomed. One of my character defects is perfectionism. Another is procrastination. I both want to do things in an exemplary fashion and the other part of me fears that I cannot be perfect – so why even start. The thinking steps: one, two and three, were philosophically troubling and I was warned continually “not to worry”, to do my best, so I just gave it a good thinking and moved on. Step Four… Continue reading

A Meditation By Kyczy Hawk – Self-love & Truth (20min Podcast)

A beautiful 20 minute meditation from Kyczy Hawk to promote Self-love, Self-care and fulfilling your highest level of truth that is already present deep in our souls. Kyczy delivers the meditation beautifully. Her voice is both calming, encouraging and affirming. Please listen. You will love it! Continue reading