Resurrecting A Melting Pot – Award winning poetry by Cassandra Smith

    Photography by Kenny P

Huge egos- blinded by greed

leading us nowhere

Tweeting, texting, mocking

normal conversations



Pure White doves flying around

carrying olive branches

Shot down- silencing peace

stifling truth



Confusion breeding pain & panic

guns blasting away-

Its children-

Fear & Ignorance



Compassion communicating

Commonsense listening

Lifting lonely survivors-

                               not failures-off of sidewalks



Our arms wide open- welcoming

Immigrants- our invisible workers

Allowing Everyone

a life without fear



Lady liberty holding a flaming torch

Head high, no shame

Lighting a path for displaced humans

People escaping wars & worse



Money no longer dictating everything

who comes-who stays

Rainbows- not colored red like-

Blood spilling over



Marching – arm in arm

for equality &justice

ignoring acrid hatred hiding

behind fake smiles



We must take to the streets-

signs held high above our heads

Voices-no longer mute

Actions shouting out!



Broken promises & dead dreams

Rising like- a phoenix

Painting positive pictures

with truth



I envision us- building bridges

of hope

poor, holding hands

with rich



Resurrecting a melting pot- forlorn & forgotten

welcoming growth, love, peace

spurting tiny buds of humanity

growing- equality for all…


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  1. This poem touched my heart. I feel it so keenly.

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