Rising Like a Phoenix – By Cassandra Smith

    Rising Like a Phoenix


    Pushing, poking, pulling up old memories-

    Rising from tombs

    Cutting, clearing, catching bits & piece

    Time stuck like- a broken clock


    Dreams-squeezing past layers & layers of

    Denial, despair, can’t do it -regret

    Pushing, poking, pulling me up

    Cutting away roadblocks, clearing paths


    Contractions- pain, umbilical cord cut

    Creating a new birthing- me

    Throwing off indecision becoming:

    Poet, writer, author- spilling truth on paper


    Dead dreams reawakening, rising like-

    A phoenix

    No more pushing, no more prodding,

    No more waiting…

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    1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that. Continue to rise!

    2. EXCELLENT ! A true inspiring poem- more than I could have imagined

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