Socially Acceptable – Spoken Word Poetry By Linda Sheridan

I came across this spoken word piece just yesterday. It’s written and performed by a beautiful Irish lady called Linda Sheridan. It’s powerful and poignant and comes straight from the heart. I was delighted when she agreed to share it on I Love Recovery Cafe. Below are some lines Linda picked out has her favourites, which are very fitting for this platform. Please take a listen to the full piece at the link below.




“Medication the new vice of this generation

a world full of sedated minds making decisions for a nation –

it seems everyone is medicated on some level

nicotine, caffeine, solpadeine, antidepressants, sleeping tablets, and of course class A’s”


Linda Sheridan

About Linda Sheridan

My name is Linda Sheridan I was born in Dublin in 1980. My family moved from Rathfarnam to Tallaght when I was 4 years old and I spent my youth growing up in Tallaght. I got great marks in all of my exams. I had so many experience’s growing up in the community some could be perceived as negative but its all growth in my eyes. After my leaving cert I studied business for 2 years and at 19 I began working for a multinational chemical company, 18 years later I am still happy working there. My mam is a Pranic healer and I have always looked up to her, she has the most giving nature and had dedicated her life to helping others, as she is so energy aware I have lived my life with great energy awareness and karmic responsibility. At 23 I was given the greatest gift, a little boy from Belarus came to stay with me and I'm proud to say after 10 years of goodbyes my son is finally here living with me in Ireland full time the past 4 years. Sending him back to the orphanage over all those years and living the struggle with him really was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. He is my true inspiration in everyone I help and in everything I do, people often say he is lucky to have me but in fact it is quite the opposite I am the lucky one. In 2016 my life took another magical turn myself and Vanya moved to Wexford to live with my partner Paul and his family and I gave birth to a baby boy Hayden-James on Stevens day and what a blessing he has been to all of us. My drive and ambition in life is to help as many people as I possibly can and to heal on a global level.
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  1. Powerful piece of ‘word smithing’ here. It speaks to me of a world gone selfish as well as insane!
    Thanks Linda, for putting into words, that of which I’m certain many of us feel. Keep on Keepin’ On.

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