Sofa Safari – Music by Lily Louche

This is a song I wrote on ukulele. Sofa Safari is a deceptively sweet song I wrote to an ex-boyfriend. The mood acts as a counterweight to a much earlier (and rawer) beat poem entitled “You, selfish You”, which was (you might guess) rich in resentment. This only goes to show what a great healer time can be. Sadly the ex has never heard the sweet song – only the rageful poem. Predictably – him being an active addict –  he loved the poem because it was bitingly funny, bitter and most importantly it was all about him. I wonder how he’s doing now. This is going out to all of you and the ex –  with love.


Lily Louche

About Lily Louche

Lily is the alter ego of an adult child of two alcoholics. Kath B has been writing songs for 7 years… when she started taking guitar lessons a flood of songs came at her … she felt like a cactus flowering in a flashstorm. Kath has used music and songwriting as part of her recovery from ill heallth (asthma, chronic fatigue). The music came during waves of emotions discharging, finding the songs, and playing and singing them helped to let the sensation pass through, She comes to 12 step recovery, by way of natural health practices including and Buddhism and Russian breathing techniques . Thanks to all these tools and a restricted diet, she’s feeling much better. She loves to share ukulele playing, musical improvisation and songwriting with anyone who’d like to develop their creativity. Whatever your health situation, money situation and addiction status, you are a musical and spiritual being. Let the universe reveal its mysteries, and let the fun begin.
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  1. Good song that! Nice jazzy vibe.

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