Spiritual Awakening – By Mark Goodson


spiritual awakening

Photography by Nicola O’Hanlon

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Spiritual Awakening

I had an estranged
discovery re-surge
in me; it brimmed
out from a distant
border, like some
cosmic debris, not
born in or made
for this world.
Suddenly, each step
became a dance;
songs were sung
in single words.
My thoughts, thrown
askance, forced me
to look again at
every certainty.
I saw light descend
through cloudy tiers,
and tall grasses
shimmer like the sea.
The breezes blew
an old secret,
sweet and cool.
Ashamed that I grew
content with grounded
feet, I flew a mile
if I marched a foot.
I felt once more
imagination afloat.

About Mark Goodson

Mark Goodson has been in continuous recovery since 2007. Writing for him began as a creative tool to recover from addiction and eventually compelled him to become a teacher. Read his blog at http://www.markgoodson.com/
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  1. Great picture! That feather must have been hard to capture and it captures so much! Thanks Paul. You are kind and have been so supportive. Know that it is appreciated. Mark

  2. Wonderful work, as usual, Mark. Very visceral and great imagery. And love the picture, Nicola! Thank you guys for this – I really loved it.


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