Are We Really All-inclusive?

It occurred to me that perhaps we need to be a little more culturally proficient in our group. Because we are global, we have people participating from many different places with different ways of doing meetings. Maybe we need to become more aware that we all probably think that the way we facilitate meetings is the right way. After all that’s what we are used to, how we grew up in our chosen fellowship. So do we perhaps need to be more flexible? At the same time we are creating our own culture here in our meetings. Obviously we need a delicate balance between what everyone thinks is the best way while still creating a global culture. And just what is our culture on here? Do we have a rigid way of doing things or are we open to different ways and ideas? Do we allow all kinds of voices… Continue reading

My Very First Meeting – By Alana Haase

I had mentioned some time ago, that I would post about my first twelve step meeting. I’ve gotten a lot of requests to tell on myself since then. My behavior is a source of hilarity to me NOW but at the time… Well, let’s just say I was a little bit nuclear bomb angry, fearful and living in a cloud of constant anxiety. I did not go to that meeting of my own free will. One of my dearest friends had finally grabbed me by both shoulders and told me, “If you do not go to that meeting tonight I will come get you, duct tape your fanny to the bumper of my car and DRAG you there!” I could tell by the flashing of her brilliant blue eyes that she meant business. She was done with the never-ending nonsense caused by the chaos in my life. Her knee’s were… Continue reading

A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery by Rosemary O’Connor – Laughter is the Best Medicine, Review By Jackie Stein

In Rosemary O’Connor’s chapter called “Joy and Laughter”, she talks about the lack of those things while in the midst of the disease, and how she found them again in recovery. Rosemary talks about a number of instances that reminded her of the power of laughter and joy in everyday life. One of the places that laughter exists but seemed out of place in early recovery was in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. I, too, have vivid memories of my first few meetings in recovery. My pre-conceived notion was that I would be walking into a room full of middle-aged men, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and looking surly and serious. I expected to go into a church basement so filled with smoke it would be difficult to see the other people in the room. As I approached the church, I noticed that there were about a dozen people standing outside… Continue reading

In The Rooms/Satori Waters “Soberchobee”, at Okeechobee Music Festival! – By Ken Pomerance,

This story starts about 60 days ago. One of our associates, a psychologist at a treatment center I work with, mentioned that he was going to go to the 4 day long, Okeechobee Music Festival. This event was being put together from the same folks who promote Bonaroo in Tennessee. He then said that his daughter works for the promoters in a managerial capacity. Our first question was, is there going to be a “safe tent” there and if not, can we do it? For the next week or so, we went back and forth with phone calls and emails getting more information about the event, and telling the promoters about and Satori Waters Treatment Centers. There were many forms to fill out and insurance policies that needed to be purchased, but we were fully committed to doing this. We finally got permission to set up “Soberchobee” at Okeechobee!… Continue reading