Addiction Recovery Without Treatment – William L White

A just-published review of the scientific literature on untreated remission from alcohol problems by Richard Mellor and colleagues offers insightful clues about the role of professional treatment and non-treatment resources in the resolution of alcohol problems. Here are some key findings and my take on their implications. Only a small subset of people with alcohol problems—about 20%–seek treatment related to these problems. This figure is most commonly cited by the treatment industry as justification for increased funding of professionally-directed addiction treatment. That rationale is challenged by data confirming that a significant portion of the 80% of non-treatment-seeking individuals are experiencing problems of lower severity, complexity, and chronicity that will resolve naturally without professional assistance and often without embracing a recovery identity. This process of problem resolution without professional assistance has been variably labeled in the clinical literature as spontaneous remission, autoremission, natural recovery, self-managed change, and quantum change. Estimates of the prevalence of untreated remission from… Continue reading

The Importance of Community Housing in My Recovery Journey – Isabella Paola

When I first left residential treatment, I knew I couldn’t go back home if I wanted to stay sober. I had decided to do outpatient treatment, but I was still worried that wouldn’t be enough to keep me sober. Moving from residential to outpatient meant my time away from structure and therapy was about to greatly increase. In this stage of my recovery, my brain told me that being alone in my house, where I had been getting high and drunk for years, would only end in me using again. I knew that I didn’t want to use again. I knew that I needed to figure out a way to stay sober and live outside of residential treatment, but I wasn’t sure how. I explained my worries to my treatment team, and they told me about community housing. I was shocked that there was a place I could live that… Continue reading

Alpine Horizons Rehab Facility Switzerland – By Nicola O’Hanlon

In October I was invited to visit Alpine Horizons, a new rehabilitation facility in Switzerland that deals with addiction treatment and preventative programs for those at risk. I was given access to some of the program activities and taken through the program structures, all of which are impressive. Their team of international experts is headed by Chief Counselor Bridget Cullen, a fellow Irish Woman. Bridget developed all the programs offered at Alpine Horizons. She has extensive experience working with addicts, family services and private practice in individual therapy. Having spoken with her and the owner of the facility at length regarding her ideas on combating the issue of addiction, it’s clear that she feels prevention and education is the way forward. I absolutely agree with her. And the education needs to not only be about the harm and risks of using drugs and drinking alcohol, but also in the form… Continue reading