3 Social Benefits of Recovering from Alcoholism – Mary Lamphere

If you’ve ever turned to alcohol with hopes of becoming more outgoing and social, you’re not alone. Many who struggle with alcohol abuse started drinking in the first place due to feeling shy, awkward, or anxious in social settings. But what many don’t realize is that quitting drinking can actually improve your social life, and repair relationships that may have suffered on behalf of alcoholism. Nobody should have to quit drinking on their own without help and support, including you. Recovery is a long and rewarding process with many benefits along the way. Here are three social benefits associated with quitting drinking and overcoming alcohol addiction. 1. Gain Total Control of Your Actions Intoxication can make you say and do things you normally wouldn’t do when sober. In most cases, drinking can lower your inhibitions and influence you to engage in negative, destructive behaviors. For instance, you might say hurtful… Continue reading

An In Depth Review of “A Sober Mom’s Guide To Recovery” By Rosemary O’Connor. Reviews By Jackie S.

After a much needed short hiatus, I am returning to review and comment on yet another book.  This time we are looking at Rosemary O’Connor’s book called A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery: Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Kids.  Nicky (Editor-In-Chief of iloverecovery.com) made me aware of this book and my reading partner and I have decided to use it as our next project. I’m excited to see how we each react to Rosemary’s discussions. She covers many topics, from guilt associated with trying to make up for how we did or didn’t raise our children while still using and trying to be a supermom in recovery, to trying to live and have fun as a Mom in recovery, including dating, love and co-dependence, to very weighty issues such as spirituality, forgiveness and self-care. In each section, Rosemary talks a bit about her story and how… Continue reading