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There was a time when my recovery was confined to 12 step meetings in my own home group in my own little town, in my own corner of the world. That corner of the world would be Ireland, for those of you who have no idea who I am. Initially I didn’t really notice that the recovery rooms I frequented were full of the same faces with the same stories day after day. So eager was I to “get it” that I spent every ounce of energy I possessed soaking up what all these remarkable people had to say. What I heard was solid, unwavering recovery at its very best. I am blessed with my recovery fellowship and my first introduction to 12 step programs was so spiritually based that it has enabled me to end my love affair with every self sabotaging behavior – except for drinking too much… Continue reading

Drinking: A Love Story – A Glimpse, by Jackie S.


  This week, in Caroline Knapp’s book, Drinking: A Love Story, she spends a few pages talking about the meeting rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and her preconceived notions of what they were and were not. She also talks a bit about the stigma that accompanies the realization that one is “a real alcoholic”.  Her first realization was when she confided to her therapist that perhaps she needed to stop drinking and, much to her surprise, he wholeheartedly agreed. She made arrangements to attend her first meeting. Her preconceived notion was that it would be a room full of young professional women, like herself, who would  be seated in a comfortable room and would be given pamphlets about the dangers of drinking by a matronly women in support hose and orthopedic shoes (okay, I made up the footwear part, but it just sounded right). Her actual experience was much more… Continue reading