Personality Matters – By Gavin Copeland

Prologue: The following piece was written after meeting a homeless man, in the depths of insanity, one afternoon in Dublin, last year. He appeared to be a hopeless case. However, over the course of the last 2.5 years, I have learned (from listening intently) that there are no hopeless cases. I spend a lot of time (from day to day, week to week), walking through Dublin’s City Centre promoting my client cafes, but I am yet to see this man again. Who knows what may have happened to him? The term honesty is mentioned within the piece and it’s a word, a state, a condition which demands reflection. I remember, during an entrepreneurial course I completed a couple of years ago, a guest speaker asked the room of students (not sure what the context was)…..”Are you honest?” Everybody in the room put their hand in the air. Except for one student.… Continue reading

Just Like Amy

I wonder sometimes, where I’d be now, if I hadn’t stopped drinking and popping xanax. I’ve been advised over and over not to “what if” myself into a bout of anxiety. I get anxious easily. But my mind goes there, now and then. Especially when things are going well. And things are going well right now. They have been for quite some time. I’m not used to this new method of experiencing the world. It seems a bit morbid, even to me, to think these thoughts. But being unaccustomed to stuff working in my favour, my mind tends to wander back to where it dwelled for most of my life. In the immortal words of Amy Winehouse, I go “Back to Black”. I’m still distrustful of my thought process at times. But this type of contemplation makes me grateful. At least that’s my understanding of it. I imagine I might… Continue reading