Are you feeding your anxiety – By Kathleen Russell

I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder in 1994 in the seventh year of my recovery from addiction, by a specialist in the field. I know I’m not the only one. Many of us deal with the debilitating symptoms of anxiety at different times in our lives. For a few years medication helped to blanket my brain with the chemicals it didn’t produce on its own. With the help of this medication and coupled with psychotherapy , I committed myself to healing. Sessions started weekly, then monthly, and eventually, to carrying my therapists number in my pocket just in case. Time frame in healing is as individual as recovery. For me, I needed the support of a twelve step program, a concentrated nutrient dense food plan to follow, psychotherapy, a psychiatrist for medication modification, all complimenting each other, to become healthy in mind body and spirit. It’s an understatement to just… Continue reading

Depression Among The Competent; Not Waving But Drowning – By Kyczy Hawk

I just achieved a recovery milestone. I kind of feel like I am “aging out” of relatability. I have been around for so long that nothing should go wrong, I have amassed a trunk load of tools, I have practiced the principles for a while and, face it, I’m old!  What could possibly be going on for me? I don’t’ have a lot of problems that younger women, newcomers, people in the middle of their life have. Or do I? I do have a life that I would never have imagined for myself. I have a calling / a career that is meaningful to me. I have a family who loves me – yes, I take that in – they love me. I am in good health and I have a comfortable and cute home. So why would the dark dog of depression ever visit? I don’t know. It just… Continue reading

All The Monsters At My Door – By Ruby T

You know that moment early in the morning when you first start to wake up and you don’t “know” anything? And then after a second or so, memories and awareness start to trickle back in. They all come back. Fears about money, heart-ache over relationships in various stages of dying and decomposition, feeling unloved and even worse-unlovable, wondering,  “Does anyone truly love me or even see me? Insecurities, failures, fears, the past, dread of the future, problems with children, problems that don’t have any easy or right answers, feeling inadequate less-than never-a-part-of disconnected invisible ignored. I really HATE that moment. Suddenly, in the dark, I’m fully awake and am keenly aware of all the monsters waiting for me right outside my bedroom door. Oh boy, I really hate that. Then, the next moment is what (usually) lifts me out of bed and gently pushes me out of my room. That’s… Continue reading

You’re Not Welcome Here – By Jessica Donovan

I can’t believe it’s only been twenty four hours since I’ve seen you and felt your presence. You usually don’t show your face during the day. Although you do show up from time to time. That’s usually when I get overwhelmed, frazzled and unfocused. You just seem to creep up on me and I get scared when that happens. We have a long history together, stemming from adolescence. I know, you don’t like being hidden but I have to force you out so I can take care of the girls. You know that. Sometimes you refuse to leave and I have to push you out the door. Even if I let you in, a cup of chamomile tea doesn’t make you happy. Does it?  Nor does practicing deep breaths and counting to ten. You don’t like the mundane. Seems like the days you don’t come for a visit, you show up after bedtime… Continue reading