I Want To Be Where I’m At – By Nicola O’Hanlon

I made a pot of my favourite Ethiopian coffee this morning, like I do every morning. As I flicked through my emails, I realised I hadn’t got my cup in front of me. I had left it down somewhere in the house, and now I couldn’t remember where. After ten minutes of searching and getting increasingly annoyed with myself, I found it on the white, tiled floor, in the bathroom, by the toilet. Yes, I’ve been sipping and peeing at the same time way too often lately. I realised also, that today I have an important medical appointment. It’s my six month diabetes check-up. Too important not to keep. Once upon a time I didn’t go see my diabetic specialist for two goddam years! So, I had to cancel something else and reschedule that for next month. Later today I’ll sit in a crowded waiting room in an attempt to… Continue reading

Where Are Your Thoughts Taking You?- By Tsgoyna Tanzman

“I just want to be happy.” That’s a pretty common reply to the question, “What do you want in life?” So what is happiness? What causes it to be present and what causes it to flee? Is the problem with Happiness that we treat it like a noun, believing Happiness is a fixed destination much like a point on a map? What if Happiness were treated like a verb, an action, and what if that action had nothing to do with the actual pursuit of happiness? What if happiness was a by-product of something else entirely? Dr. Matt Killingsworth, a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar, who studies the nature and causes of human happiness, and is the creator of track your happiness which uses smartphones to study happiness in real-time during everyday life gave a brilliant TED talk revealing the answer and it turns out it’s not so much what you do, or what your not doing,… Continue reading