A Cultural Look at Body Bashing By Andrea Wachter, LMFT

Unfortunately, I think it’s pretty accurate to say that most people in our culture are dissatisfied with their body. Many people even despise their body (or certain parts). And this epidemic has no age limit. In my psychotherapy practice I have worked with clients as young as 6 years old, who are already obsessed with calories, carbs and getting fat. I have treated people in their 70s who have no memories of eating bread or dessert without guilt. And I have seen people of nearly every age in between who battle their body on some level. It’s like being a member of a club to trash and bash your body in our image-obsessed culture. Many people bond over what I call “fat chat,” and many people spend enormous amounts of time trying to change their bodies. Thanks to the media and the diet industry, we have all been set up… Continue reading

The Belly Brain – By Kyczy Hawk

From time to time I teach an eight week class at the Recovery Cafe San Jose called “Befriending Your Body”. A simple seated yoga practice combined with breathing techniques and meditation after a check in make for a lively session with the students. Combining some recovery oriented discussion with mindful movements is a way for us all to re-inhabit our bodies. (Recovery Cafe San Jose is a place where people can recover themselves, their sobriety and their dignity with loving community, good food, the arts and holistic practices.) Addiction is a way to lose ourselves. We evade and avoid emotions and memories with active use. Whether the feelings are physical such as pain, or emotional; anything from boredom to terror, the click of a chip, the wink of an eye, the pop of a drug can change all that. We can move to a sensation that we know – comfortably… Continue reading