Our vision of beauty! Why has it turned so ugly?

Like most people, I like to look my best. For me looking my best coincides, or in fact begins with, feeling my best. Pre recovery I’d try to make myself feel good by obsessing over my appearance. Endless buying of clothes, sweating at the gym and purchasing of miracle creams ensued to summon up even a tiny amount of self-worth. No matter how hard I worked on myself in a physical sense, it left me feeling even more destitute and empty. But now being all wise and recovered and spiritual, I see clearly that I had it all backwards. I’ve written before about my cleansing of all things body shaming from my surroundings. No fashion magazines! No advertising for extreme abs or rock hard butts, nor images of wrinkle, eye bag and cellulite free gods and goddesses allowed within 500 meters of our home. Despite being aware of the powers… Continue reading

What Will You Magnify – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

“You didn’t know me when I was hot”……I overheard a mother say to her daughter in the dressing room. A pretty typical conversation girls and women have when looking in the mirror, right? “Oh God, I hate my stomach. I have so much cellulite. My thighs are huge. My legs are like shriveled chickens. My butt’s too small. I’m a fat pig. My muffin top is gross.” I know this dialect of body shaming. I was an expert at it. My words turned to actions when I began practicing bulimia. For the solid years my words, thoughts, feelings and actions led me down a dark road of self-hate and physical abuse. I was the sole perpetrator. I was what you might call a “functional” bulimic. Functioning, happy and apparently okay on the outside, but hateful and condemning in my private hours of self-loathing. I did not suffer the extremes –  ingesting massive quantities… Continue reading