What Will You Magnify – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

“You didn’t know me when I was hot”……I overheard a mother say to her daughter in the dressing room. A pretty typical conversation girls and women have when looking in the mirror, right? “Oh God, I hate my stomach. I have so much cellulite. My thighs are huge. My legs are like shriveled chickens. My butt’s too small. I’m a fat pig. My muffin top is gross.” I know this dialect of body shaming. I was an expert at it. My words turned to actions when I began practicing bulimia. For the solid years my words, thoughts, feelings and actions led me down a dark road of self-hate and physical abuse. I was the sole perpetrator. I was what you might call a “functional” bulimic. Functioning, happy and apparently okay on the outside, but hateful and condemning in my private hours of self-loathing. I did not suffer the extremes –  ingesting massive quantities… Continue reading