Can Teenagers Be Sexually Addicted? – By Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Teens, by nature, are curious about sex, often to an extreme. Thus, it can be difficult to separate normal adolescent sexual behaviors from addiction. That said, teens absolutely can be sex addicts. In fact, as the internet has provided increased access to sexual content and contacts, therapists have seen an equal if not larger increase in adolescent sexual addiction. Basically, kids now have access to all sorts of hyper-intense sexual stimulation that their parents were not exposed to, and at least a few of them are getting hooked. In the last year or two, not a week has passed without me hearing from another therapist or a distraught parent asking for advice about dealing with a sexually compulsive minor. Typically, the first thing I have to talk about is the difference between normal teen behaviors and addiction. For instance, a boy who masturbates to pornography most nights of the week… Continue reading