Pink Elephants, But No Snakes in My Boots ((A little tango with denial) – Mark Masserant

Yikes! It was the third time this week, and it was still Tuesday. “Dude, you’d better get off the booze.” It didn’t matter where Dishonest John went—it followed him everywhere. Dammit, at least his bowling team was supposed to be on his side, wasn’t it? Sheesh! He pointed at a few nearby barflies in protest. “Whoa, now! What about them?” His familiar Budweiser accent boomed, rattling the establishment’s stemware. “Get off my back! I ain’t that bad!” After the outburst, he snatched his bottle and slipped back into his comfort zone directly across from the barmaid and his blurry reflection in the tavern mirror. “… Ain’t that bad…,” he grumbled to anyone who would listen. Meanwhile, legions of dipsomaniacs who populate bars and easy chairs everywhere are singing the same old tune. Many will succumb to despair if they don’t cease their deadly dance with denial. Twelve Step Recovery shops… Continue reading

Denial and Sexual Addiction Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S

Brad, a 30-year-old investment banker, was recently fired from his high-paying job for repeatedly using his bank-owned digital devices to look at porn and to find “dates” on hookup apps. He had been verbally warned about this behavior by his boss on two occasions, and then he’d received a written reprimand from the HR department, clearly stating that if he did not abide by bank policy regarding digital devices, he would lose his position. Still, he found ways to rationalize and justify his behavior (in his mind, but not the bank’s). Currently unemployed and deeply depressed, Brad has sought help from a local therapist, hoping for an antidepressant medication to help him through this difficult time. In his first session, he admitted to his therapist that he was fired because of his sexual behaviors, but he was unwilling to consider the idea that those behaviors might be the cause of… Continue reading

Drinking: A Love Story – Denial – By Jackie S.

In this chapter of Caroline Knapp’s book she tackles the topic of denial…one with which we are all too familiar. How many times have we heard in a meeting that denial is not a river in Egypt?  What we have also heard in the rooms is that denial stands for “don’t even notice I am lying” and that definition rings true, both in Caroline’s story and in the life of most alcoholics. Denial is the changing rule which allows us to claim that we are “not that bad”. That change happens ever so gradually. I will never drink on a weeknight. Well, I might drink on a weeknight, but I will never drink before 5 pm. I might have a drink at lunch or in the afternoon, but at least I don’t drink in the morning. I might be drinking in the morning but it’s only to settle my nerves.… Continue reading


It seems like everyone has a story to tell.  My social media news feeds are littered with links to blogs describing stories of wedding planners gone mad, and kids’ crayons melted into car seats.  I guess you can say I’m hopping on that wagon, in more ways than one.  The only difference is, I’m sharing a less glamorous portrayal of life.  I don’t have kids, I’m not a cook, and I don’t have the end all cure for cellulite.  I’m writing for those of us who struggle with something a lot less cute than a crying two-year old.  I’m writing about my story of a relationship that is high maintenance, kicks you when you’re down, yet you can’t seem to leave it.  A relationship that goes by many names, and manifests itself in people of all shapes and sizes.  I’m writing this with the hopes of helping anyone out there,… Continue reading