Pie, Coffee and a Little Higher Power – Mark Masserant

DJ’s was the sober oasis disguised as a coffee shop that NutJob Bob introduced me to early in my recovery. It was Holy Ground. He and a motley group of brain-damaged followers would stroll in after their daily spiritual make-over, lifted from the meeting and ready for more coffee, cigarettes and fellowship, along with a little unhealthy food.  Some of us wanted a lot of it. I liked the pie. Some of the local wise guys said I got sober on pie, but that was inaccurate. I added it to my program, but I could have stayed sober without it. My first sober Christmas preceded my one-year token by a few months. It wasn’t a jolly season for me. I felt divorced and lonely, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. But at that phase of my development, I wasn’t very good relationship material. Even I knew that.… Continue reading

The Day I Saw My Daughter Shoot Up Heroin – By Katie Brennan Donovan

Nodding out, shooting up, going on a run, trap house…these were terms all too familiar to me now, in this world of addiction, which my daughter Brittany struggled with. Words that were so unknown to me prior, but yet, now, were a part of my everyday language. She was so deep into her addiction and I was so deep into saving her. I had a business trip a few years ago to Florida. At this point, Brittany had been in treatment in Florida and had about 60 days clean. I was suspicious she had relapsed, as she began to isolate herself and grow distant. The trip couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, so I extended my stay a few days so I could spend some time with her. As soon as I arrived, I knew. Although she greeted me with a huge hug and tears of joy, she… Continue reading

A Personal Interpretation of Using Dreams – By Jon W.

Using dreams don’t necessarily indicate a hole in our program; for a drug addict, there’s nothing more natural than to dream of using drugs. It has been helpful to me to think of using dreams as gifts from my Higher Power, vividly reminding me of the insanity of active addiction and encouraging us to strengthen our recovery. Seen in that light, I can be grateful for using dreams. Frightening as they are, they can prove to be great blessings – if I use them to reinforce my recovery. Just for today: I will examine my personal program. I will talk with my sponsor about what I find, and seek ways to strengthen my recovery. pg. 207// *excerpt from–Just For Today Daily Meditation. I have studied dreams as a sort of an interesting hobby for some years now, and find such fascination in the dream world. In our dreams they have… Continue reading