Drinking: A Love Story – Stuck in Sex – By Jackie S.

My reading of Caroline Knapp’s chapter on sex was split in two parts. There is a lot to cover when it comes to the fusion of alcohol and sex. In the second half of the chapter, Caroline focuses on three relationships that involve alcohol and sex: one between her and her live-in boyfriend; one between her and a professor/mentor; and one between her father and his paramour. The primary topics that came to mind in this part of her story are all too familiar – people pleasing, seeking validation, and being the co-dependent victim. Caroline talks about how her relationships were always about trying to please others, regardless of how she felt personally, because ultimately what she sought was not so much the sex as it was the physical and emotional intimacy that let her feel like she had value. And, when those relationships went awry, she was so entrenched… Continue reading


It seems like everyone has a story to tell.  My social media news feeds are littered with links to blogs describing stories of wedding planners gone mad, and kids’ crayons melted into car seats.  I guess you can say I’m hopping on that wagon, in more ways than one.  The only difference is, I’m sharing a less glamorous portrayal of life.  I don’t have kids, I’m not a cook, and I don’t have the end all cure for cellulite.  I’m writing for those of us who struggle with something a lot less cute than a crying two-year old.  I’m writing about my story of a relationship that is high maintenance, kicks you when you’re down, yet you can’t seem to leave it.  A relationship that goes by many names, and manifests itself in people of all shapes and sizes.  I’m writing this with the hopes of helping anyone out there,… Continue reading