When I was a few months sober I bravely accompanied some recovery pals from my home town to Monterey, CA where they were holding an ACYPAA conference  (All California Young People In AA .) I was barely able to make sense of a single meeting much less a group of 5,000 laughing, dancing, coffee swilling sober young people. Here we all were converging on a Marriott Hotel in downtown Monterey and it felt surreal. There were around-the-clock meetings and a dance and the “countdown” where we acknowledge all lengths of time in sobriety. I was not even the “youngest” person in the group – there were people there with 24 hours of clean time. I could not believe it. I was overwhelmed….they must have felt like they had been dropped into some alternative universe. Here were folks singing, running around, having a great time and no one was drinking! I don’t… Continue reading