The Leroys–A Recovery Parody – by Mark Masserant

With the final days of the winter of 2015 approaching and extreme boredom setting in, the Pink Elephant Group decided it was time for something new. Already in the books were several Bowl-a-thons, Karaoke Nights, and finally, the fly-by-night Velcro Twister Games, which led to random thirteenth steps and oodles of resentments.  We dropped them like a bad habit. Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Drunkard was proposed, knocked around and hastily shot down unanimously—our butts had fallen off long ago, leaving most of us disqualified. After multiple suggestions were scrapped, Bitter Bill spoke up from the back of the room. “How’s about handing out some awards to a bunch of ex-drunks?  ‘Course, I probably won’t get one,” he droned drearily. With the Oscars on the horizon, we decided he was right—we could host an awards ceremony, with our own peculiar spin to it. It immediately wobbled into our Pink Elephant think tank. After much debate,… Continue reading

It’s About Perspective – By Davee Christina

Sitting in an AA speaker meeting and listening to someone’s story feels like reading an autobiography. Every person has a story full of recounted memories of the good and bad. Whether downright downplayed or exaggerated, each person’s story is unique in its own way because it’s told from personal perspectives. There are many things money can buy in this world but a new perspective isn’t one of them. Only hard work gets you one of those. One thing that is mentioned in the promises and by many members of AA is that we will gain a new perspective. How perfect and wonderful it is to be guaranteed a new outlook on life, a reprieve from the dreary hopeless life we once led in active alcoholism and addiction. I never knew just how important it is to tap into gaining a different point of view, probably more important a tool than… Continue reading

I Feel Like I’ve Lost You My Friend – By Angela Carley

I can feel it you know. When you wave at me driving by, that big cheery, manly salute, as if all is well with the world, and you’re having a ball…..I can see it in you. You’re embarrassed to talk to me. You think I’ll judge you…..but I never would. Things changed didn’t they? We were on this road together for a while. And we were flying. We understood each other, and how hard it could be sometimes to live with the strange thoughts in these minds of ours, and these addictions that we fight. We had this recovery business down, and there was no stopping us. You pulled me up when I was struggling, and told me I’d be okay. And you were right….I was…after a while. And I hope I’ll always be. But you my friend, you wouldn’t be okay. You slipped and fell, again and again. I was so angry with you the first time. How… Continue reading

More Than Just Food – By Davee Christina

I took my mother and grandmother out to lunch twice recently as a Mother’s Day gift. The first time was Asian cuisine for dinner. The other, an All-American Diner with a simple breakfast/lunch menu. Both places could not be anymore different, yet the result was the same; satisfying. We arrived hungry, laughed and ate while reminiscing, and left in better spirits than we had arrived. The gift of delicious food. How often I underestimated the power of a meal for holidays, birthdays, family events, Sunday BBQ’s, and graduations. “It matters not what is on the table, or who is beside you. We all share the same love for food, when food is made with love,” – my mother would remind me growing up. I wrote a post recently on the healing power of silence, and because of the nurturing women in my life, I’ve been inspired to write about a… Continue reading

In The Rooms/Satori Waters “Soberchobee”, at Okeechobee Music Festival! – By Ken Pomerance,

This story starts about 60 days ago. One of our associates, a psychologist at a treatment center I work with, mentioned that he was going to go to the 4 day long, Okeechobee Music Festival. This event was being put together from the same folks who promote Bonaroo in Tennessee. He then said that his daughter works for the promoters in a managerial capacity. Our first question was, is there going to be a “safe tent” there and if not, can we do it? For the next week or so, we went back and forth with phone calls and emails getting more information about the event, and telling the promoters about and Satori Waters Treatment Centers. There were many forms to fill out and insurance policies that needed to be purchased, but we were fully committed to doing this. We finally got permission to set up “Soberchobee” at Okeechobee!… Continue reading