How Would More Flexibility Change Your Life – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

If Wounded Peacock (a very impressive yoga move for those who aren’t familiar) is your jam, then hooray for you. But, I’m talking about flexible thinking. I once worked with a man who had a precise 4-step routine to leave his house. If anything interrupted his routine, like someone asking him a question, he would need to start from the beginning. He couldn’t sequence the actions in any different way. He wasn’t O.C.D, it was simply that he had a single strategy that offered no options for flexibility. In brain injury, we call that cognitive rigidity. But even without a brain injury we can have tendencies to become rigid and inflexible. Flexibility is a about resilience, spontaneity, readiness. An effortless transition to a new thought, the ability to see things from different perspectives. It is the single most important skill in negotiation. Flexibility isn’t just about reacting, it’s about anticipating and creating. Flexibility is a… Continue reading