My Weight Loss Journey – By Charlie Baulm

When I was 16, I was 5’8 and 115 pounds. I was able to run a five minute mile and had complete control over my eating habits. Fast forward 12 years later, I am 28-years-old and over 200 pounds and cannot even jog a block before getting winded, I don’t know where things exactly went wrong but here I am, living in my new body and feeling shame for letting myself go. Marriage, the stress of a career, juggling school and the generalities of life had taken its toll since high school and I felt miserable. I felt like no matter how many times I moved forward I would always take a step back with my poor eating habits. The first time my excessive weight gain had become apparent was during a trip to my Grandparents’ house. The trip was excellent, but upon returning home I was confronted with a… Continue reading

Drinking: A Love Story – Denial – By Jackie S.

In this chapter of Caroline Knapp’s book she tackles the topic of denial…one with which we are all too familiar. How many times have we heard in a meeting that denial is not a river in Egypt?  What we have also heard in the rooms is that denial stands for “don’t even notice I am lying” and that definition rings true, both in Caroline’s story and in the life of most alcoholics. Denial is the changing rule which allows us to claim that we are “not that bad”. That change happens ever so gradually. I will never drink on a weeknight. Well, I might drink on a weeknight, but I will never drink before 5 pm. I might have a drink at lunch or in the afternoon, but at least I don’t drink in the morning. I might be drinking in the morning but it’s only to settle my nerves.… Continue reading