Jackie Steins Review of “A Sober Moms Guide To Recovery” By Rosemary O’Connor – Self-care & Celebrating Life

  People in the rooms will tell you to “Just don’t take the first drink and go to meetings.” They also say “We are not a glum lot.” Those are the first introductions to self-care and celebrating a life of sobriety.  It often takes a good while for both of those to become habit. Many of us come into recovery having really beaten ourselves to a pulp. Even the “functional” addicts, who still manage to get to their jobs every day, are not eating healthfully, getting deep sleep on a nightly basis or getting to the doctor and dentist regularly. How many of us drank or got high to relieve anxiety and fear? Once in the throes of our drug of choice, whatever had been bothering us was forgotten. Now, without our substance in our systems, we needed to learn ways to relax that didn’t involve alcohol or drugs. The… Continue reading