A Message Of Hope From An Addicts Mom

September has been coined National Recovery month, and I’m wanting to sound my horn, shout out from the hills, and set off fireworks, now, and each February 12th. This February will be TEN years for which my daughter, Amanda, has been in recovery! Recovery from all drugs and alcohol. Ten years of a peaceful, rewarding life for her, and her family. And for me. It hasn’t always been like this though, as there were ten long and grueling years prior to this tranquility and joy, whereby I thought nearly every day, that I’d lose her. Well meaning friends saying I needn’t worry, that she’d outgrow it. Me, scared sleepless, fearing the worst. At the sweet young age of 14, my daughter was tempted by the evil hand of a fate so cruel, so dehumanizing, so frightening. Drugs of almost any kind, and alcohol entered her not fully grown mind, and… Continue reading