The 12 Steps And Chronic Ill Health

I am the boat and I am the ocean. The waves are constant, swelling, falling. Doubt, Insecurity, Why? I can’t adjust my sails for they are broken. Once they were full and beautiful, able to catch the breeze, free to travel. Now they are stranded upon a vessel lost on a troubled sea. The tides come and go. On the ocean I do battle. I cannot see the land. I wait……..   Living with chronic illness in recovery is very much like I described above. I entered recovery a few years ago and it really did save me from myself. At a year sober I had dreams and aspirations and felt I had the world at my feet. I was working towards those dreams – trying new things, seeing what I liked and looking into further education. One day all that stopped. Recently after over a year of extreme disability,… Continue reading

I don’t think it was a sign but it was a nice butterfly

Its quiet here tonight and I am now in Mourning. I did a few powerful things today. I rang the Road Traffic Association and found that the Kombi was already transferred to the Girls. I got my electricity payments in order and I had the sense to ring LH in Yamba regarding Centrelink. She handled it all smoothly for me and in minutes. Address changed. Super declared. I think taxes are next and the girls have the papers so I shall just call ATO and ask advice. So that was big. I also went to Doc. Olivia and she told me about systemic herpes meningitis.  Sometimes, often in fact, I am caught in this whirl of illnesses and fear – and I am not having any part of it. Tomorrow acupuncture. $90 but that’s the end of the expenses. There are many things I wish to do – like Byron… Continue reading