Documentary – Where it all began!

  This is the story of Ron Tannebaum, Kenny Pomerance, and, the largest online recovery community in the world. There’s nothing quite like this website, and if you’re looking for dedication, understanding and knowledge as well as personal experience regarding recovery from addiction, you will not find better than these guys. This documentary is an intimate behind the scenes introduction to what motivated and prompted these two gentlemen to create I know you will enjoy it!   Continue reading


  Spiritual renewal does not provide us with the answer; it helps us find the way. The past several years of recovery have resulted in an evolution of spirituality in my life. It has also been a desire to share with other men this experience and hear from them how a spiritual awakening has shaped them in their recovery. It is with this in mind that I approached Kenny and RT about chairing a weekly meeting for men only, Spiritual Gangsters. The term is defined anonymously; Someone who lives life to the fullest. Spiritual gangsters are so magical, they have the ability to manifest anything they want instantly just by their ability to release resistance and allow pure positive energy to flow through them. The universe always has their back!! They are enlightened deliberate creators of spiritual evolution and the expansion of consciousness. They focus on the positive and always reach for a… Continue reading

The White House was InTheRooms! (Watch Video Here)

Recently we carried an article talking about a Live Virtual Town Hall Experience, Courtesy of where The White House Director of National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli would make a live appearance for a questions and answer forum, hosted by Tommy Rosen. It took place on Monday Night 6th June and we at The Café have been given the opportunity by to bring you the video of that question and answer session. The public had an opportunity to send in questions for The Director to answer…and there were literally hundreds sent to the guys at to consider. Mr Botticelli hits on topics such as upcoming changes in drug policy and treatment and how the perception of what an addict is, needs to change drastically in our society. There’s a lot to learn on a global scale from what Micheal Botticelli says. And remember he is coming from… Continue reading