is TEN years old! – By Ken Pomerance/Mr Clean

It’s hard to believe, but is 10 years old this week!  A little over 10 years ago, I had an idea. My kids were very active on MySpace and on Facebook. I remember thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a social network for people in recovery”? My good friend RT and I were wrapping up a marketing program at the time, looking for a new project, when I laid the idea on him. He immediately said, “Let’s do it!”. I thought he was being facetious, so I said, Hey, I’m serious about this”. His response was “So am I”! That’s how this started. We sat down an drew up lists of features that we wanted to see on this new Recovery site. We then transferred those lists on the back of RT’s daughter’s used science board (the original we still have today). I have to admit, that without RT, InTheRooms never would… Continue reading

Welcome to Trauma and the Tweleve Steps: A New Meeting (And Movement) on

Hello everyone! My name is Jamie Marich, and I am a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol, drugs, co-dependency, compulsive overeating, and work. I am also a survivor of trauma. When I set out on a path of recovery fourteen years ago, I had the privilege of being twelfth stepped by Janet, a wonderful woman with over twenty five years of recovery who really got trauma. She understood that if she tried to take me through the steps in a rigid, fundamentalist manner, I would not stay in the rooms. Not only did she help me realize that so many of my addictive responses were intertwined with traumatic reactions, she guided me through my first two years of recovery in a compassionate way. I am now a dually licensed mental health and addiction counselor specializing in trauma, and I have the awesome privilege of traveling the country to train others in… Continue reading

In The Rooms Is 7 years old And Celebrated In Washington DC

  This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend the Unite To Face Addiction event in Washington DC. InTheRooms was one of the sponsors and we shared the Wellness Tent with our good friends Tommy Rosen, Nikki Myers and Jameson Monroe. We’ve worked hard on this event for 4 months. We’ve sent emails, newsletter articles, and live video meetings interviewing the promoters. InTheRooms members provided one of the largest number of signups to the event! A week before the concert, however, Hurricane Joaquin surfaced, and threatened the cancellation of the entire show! On the day of the concert, the temperatures dipped into the 50’s with steady brisk winds and dark gray skies throughout the day. It was so amazing to see it all come together, but the best part of this event for me, was to meet you, our members! We got to meet new friends and ITR… Continue reading