Dealing With Stress In Early Recovery – By Patty Powers

People in recovery like to overthink things. It’s probably a holdover from active addiction. I realize not everyone in recovery is a member of a 12-step fellowship but there are definitely perks for those in them. The collective wisdom passed down from one recovering addict to another is of immeasurable value. All over the world, recovering addicts share similar eye-opening revelations they’ve experienced and these shared insights turn into the often-repeated sayings we hear in meetings. “We can’t think our way into new feelings but we can act our way into new thinking.” (Or some variation of this). We hear this solution – that action changes feelings – yet we continue to overthink, ruminate, and obsess in a vain attempt to control how we feel. Overthinking is never a solution. Usually all it does is increase stress and keep us trapped in our discomfort and confusion. We long for change… Continue reading

Will You Let Go Of One More Thing? – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

Are You Ready For A Challenge? It wasn’t a resolution It was a revolution A mindset A sudden, complete change In my theme of Alignment, Abundance,and Adventure I wanted more Which meant I needed less. I needed less of what didn’t serve me I needed less of what dragged me down I needed less of what reminded me of poor choices I needed less of what was inactive I needed less of what connected me to outdated, unused, and uninspired stuff. My plan Begin removing one more thing each day for the next 30 days. On my first day I ripped through drawers and closets.  I got rid of at least 30 things. But now 10 days  into this, I approach a drawer, a closet, a shelf, a basket with the intent and action to remove that which is dead. I am planting a fertile field and the first steps involve clearing the ground and… Continue reading