“Thy Will, not mine, be done.” – A look at dealing with life and sobriety, after death.

Today, as well as tomorrow, is quite a tough time for me, as it has been for the last seven years. On May 14, 2010, my partner Lesley, whom I had made my sober life with, suffered a massive heart attack. Looking back on that time, I can see the trauma that we all went through. By all, I refer to Lesley’s Mother, her sister, several close family friends and, of course, myself. Had it not been for a strong belief in the program and a very strong sponsor I can see that, at that time, it would have been so easy for me to return to my confidant for so many years, the bottle. This time of year is when I must make sure my head and my emotions are closely tuned to Twelve Steps and my Higher Power. Up until that time, I had gotten sober, lived on… Continue reading

Alone – By Jessica Donovan

    Where were you when I was sitting alone in the parking lot of the motel we called home? Where were you when I picked up that needle and stuck myself with it? Where were you? You knew he had HIV/AIDS. I used to cry and feel so lonely without you there. So I would go outside and play by myself. In the parking lot of the motel we lived in. Where the heroin needle lay. The one my HIV infected uncle likely dropped on his way in. I never knew where you were but when you found me sitting on the asphalt with a needle sticking out of my thumb that got your attention. Crisis averted, I didn’t get infected. Lucky for me, not you. All I ever wanted was you to be there but you always left me alone or sent me away. I didn’t understand. I… Continue reading