Don’t Try To Rationalize With A Drug Brain – By Gerry Standard

  The best advice I can give when trying to deal with a person you love more than anything in this world, but who’s entire being is being controlled by chemicals is contained in the following ten points.   Do not try to rationalize with a drug brain, you will never win. You would make more progress by beating your head against the wall.   Do not state the obvious, you need a job, you will never amount to anything, you are throwing your life away, etc. remember job equals money equals drugs. Get them clean first then the job will come.   When the addict tries to pick a fight and tell you every wrong thing you ever did, do not respond and most importantly do not belive it. It is what I call the drug game, pick a fight, say bad things, you respond, it escalates, they get… Continue reading

Mothers Are Not Supposed To Bury Their Children – By MaryBeth Cichocki

Mothers are not supposed to bury their children. It goes against nature. When a mother loses her young, the world slips off its axis and spins out of control. The universe mourns knowing it has gone against the circle of life, children should bury their mothers, not the other way around. Yet every day, another mother joins my club. The club of the brokenhearted, the club every mother prays to avoid. The club where one day you were whole and the next broken beyond repair. Breath and joy have been sucked out of your body and replaced with a pain so powerful, your soul is lost in the grief. Your world shattered beyond repair. Your child is gone. A victim of a horrible disease. A misunderstood, mistreated disease. The disease that marked them as unworthy and disposable. The disease of addiction. Your grief is never ending. It begins as you… Continue reading