Jimmy K’s Greatest Idea – By William L White.

Drug-related moral panics rest so deep and so enduring within American history that they could be thought of as part of our national character. The latest focus of concern is the opioid epidemic as indicated by the more than 100% increase in opioid prescriptions, 2.5 million U.S. citizens who have a substance use disorder involving prescription or illicit opioids, 1.3 million opioid-related hospital admissions in the U.S. each year, and more than 33,000 opioid-related deaths per year. Yet, this opioid epidemic is far more than it appears to be. The focus of this brief essay is on our professional and public propensity to focus on one drug (or one drug category) at a time in isolation from broader and more enduring patterns of psychoactive drug consumption that connect and influence particular drug surges. The one-at-a-time drug focus, whether on alcohol, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, prescription opioids, or tobacco, has engendered numerous unintended consequences, including inconsistent… Continue reading

A little of my 12 Steps

A little of my STEP 1: once I start using, I can’t stop or control my using. Using controls me. As a result, my life becomes garbage. I’m totally focused on getting & using my substance of choice, coming down when I can’t get more, scheming and planning how to get more – but more is never enough. A little of my STEP 2: Sitting in a meeting of people like myself while I was still detoxing, I came to believe these other people found a way out, a way to live and function without drugs/alcohol. If I believed in them, then I could get the same results. A little of my STEP 3: This is a very big step for me. I felt I was on a precipice. Keeping my will and my life solely in my care meant I would again get high. Back to step 1. Back… Continue reading

InTheRooms.com – Where The World Joins Together In Recovery

There was a time when my recovery was confined to 12 step meetings in my own home group in my own little town, in my own corner of the world. That corner of the world would be Ireland, for those of you who have no idea who I am. Initially I didn’t really notice that the recovery rooms I frequented were full of the same faces with the same stories day after day. So eager was I to “get it” that I spent every ounce of energy I possessed soaking up what all these remarkable people had to say. What I heard was solid, unwavering recovery at its very best. I am blessed with my recovery fellowship and my first introduction to 12 step programs was so spiritually based that it has enabled me to end my love affair with every self sabotaging behavior – except for drinking too much… Continue reading

It’s About Perspective – By Davee Christina

Sitting in an AA speaker meeting and listening to someone’s story feels like reading an autobiography. Every person has a story full of recounted memories of the good and bad. Whether downright downplayed or exaggerated, each person’s story is unique in its own way because it’s told from personal perspectives. There are many things money can buy in this world but a new perspective isn’t one of them. Only hard work gets you one of those. One thing that is mentioned in the promises and by many members of AA is that we will gain a new perspective. How perfect and wonderful it is to be guaranteed a new outlook on life, a reprieve from the dreary hopeless life we once led in active alcoholism and addiction. I never knew just how important it is to tap into gaining a different point of view, probably more important a tool than… Continue reading

The Cafes Nicola O’Hanlon, talks to Richie Supa about his new Recovery Inspired Album “Enemy”

I had the privilege of speaking to Rock Legend Richie Supa this week, about his new album “Enemy”, due to be released any day now. Richies music career spans forty years and of the hundreds of songs he’s written, for some of the biggest names in the business, it’s this collection he’s most proud of. Every song on the album is addiction and recovery related. Not only that, but every penny made from the sale of the album goes to the non-profit foundation, “Face The Music”, attached to the “Recovery Unplugged” Rehab facility, where he is Director of Creative Recovery. The funds are allocated to those seeking recovery from addiction who don’t have the financial means to obtain treatment. Supa says, despite his years of success in the music industry, nothing tops his successful twenty seven year recovery from addiction. Nicola:  Hi Richie. It’s great to be able to talk to… Continue reading