Are We Really All-inclusive?

It occurred to me that perhaps we need to be a little more culturally proficient in our group. Because we are global, we have people participating from many different places with different ways of doing meetings. Maybe we need to become more aware that we all probably think that the way we facilitate meetings is the right way. After all that’s what we are used to, how we grew up in our chosen fellowship. So do we perhaps need to be more flexible? At the same time we are creating our own culture here in our meetings. Obviously we need a delicate balance between what everyone thinks is the best way while still creating a global culture. And just what is our culture on here? Do we have a rigid way of doing things or are we open to different ways and ideas? Do we allow all kinds of voices… Continue reading – Where The World Joins Together In Recovery

There was a time when my recovery was confined to 12 step meetings in my own home group in my own little town, in my own corner of the world. That corner of the world would be Ireland, for those of you who have no idea who I am. Initially I didn’t really notice that the recovery rooms I frequented were full of the same faces with the same stories day after day. So eager was I to “get it” that I spent every ounce of energy I possessed soaking up what all these remarkable people had to say. What I heard was solid, unwavering recovery at its very best. I am blessed with my recovery fellowship and my first introduction to 12 step programs was so spiritually based that it has enabled me to end my love affair with every self sabotaging behavior – except for drinking too much… Continue reading