How Has Your Perception Shaped Your Life? – By Sally Stacey

  We each view the world through unique lenses of perception. These lenses are comprised of the meaning that we give to things, such as our life experiences, beliefs, cultural background, values and current feelings to name but a few. Gender, age, race and other criteria can also play a role. All these things act as filters, thus no two persons perception of reality is completely the same. It stands to reason therefore, that if you change your perception in someway, you can change your reality. Powerful stuff. Long before addiction occurs, our self-perception can be significantly tainted. Negative self-perceptions (often based on how we think others perceive us) can lead to feelings of inadequacy, being unattractive, unlucky, unlikeable and so on. Perception of others and happenings can also take on a life of their own. Any of these negative perceptions can lead us down the slippery path of addiction.… Continue reading