Spiritual Awakening – By Mark Goodson

  See more of Marks work at markgoodson.com     Spiritual Awakening I had an estranged discovery re-surge in me; it brimmed out from a distant border, like some cosmic debris, not born in or made for this world. Suddenly, each step became a dance; songs were sung in single words. My thoughts, thrown askance, forced me to look again at every certainty. I saw light descend through cloudy tiers, and tall grasses shimmer like the sea. The breezes blew an old secret, sweet and cool. Ashamed that I grew content with grounded feet, I flew a mile if I marched a foot. I felt once more imagination afloat. Continue reading

“To Web an Elegy for Andrew Webster” – By Gabriel Rheaume

There was a time in breaking youth When all the spoils of the world did not suffice. We were urban nomads, Living off the fat of the land, Indulging in the surplus, Chasing loneliness with liquor. Some robbed banks and slept in crackhouses Searching for the quickest fix, The permanent solution, To live up to all our expectations. To compare briefcases to dads. To feel satisfied relief. We grieve and celebrate everyday The rest are no longer with us. Continue reading

A Tribute To Tim

  The following poems are by Author Jake D. Parent, and were written in memory of his beloved cousin Tim, whom died of a drug overdose in jail. Jake is also Co-Author and Editor of Hearts & Scars – 10 human stories of addiction, whom he dedicated to Tim also. Jake is the author of Only the Devil Tells the Truth, a novel about a young man growing up in poverty and dealing with addiction. The Hearts & Scars collection of stories shows how the deadly disease is a conflicted struggle, not simply of broken people, but one that encompasses the human condition that affects us all. The book consists of two sections. The first is a series of short fictional stories that portray individuals suffering from active addiction. The second is made up of real life tales of recovery, written by the people who experienced the journey themselves. The book… Continue reading