What is Your Theme for 2017? – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

Theme parks. Party themes. Theme songs. Are you catching the theme? Themes are a way of organizing a big picture category, a vibe, a value, a guiding principle. Disney chose the theme “The Happiest Place on Earth” and everything associated with this franchise is driven to fulfill that experience. Resolutions are the typical theme of the New Year, but I recently read a blog post suggesting swapping out resolutions for choosing a theme for your year. What if you viewed your life as a PARTY. What kind of theme would you choose? What’s the party you would want to go to? Suppose you chose the theme of health and well being. Think of how many choices you would have each and every day to see if your actions fit your theme: from food to exercise to sleep to healthy thoughts? What if Gratitude were your theme?  How many different ways could you express gratitude from… Continue reading

How Will You Cross The 2016 Finish Line – By Tsgoyna Tanzman

Have you ever noticed the best runners cross the finish line with a flourish? They save a burst for the end. They cross the line as winners. As we approach the finish line of 2016, do you find yourself looking at the goals you wanted to achieve while thinking or saying, “What’s the use, it’s all over now anyway. I’ll start fresh in the New Year. What’s the point? I might as well let it slide. ” While it might be true you didn’t hit the targets you wished, the image, taste and feel of what you’ve done or not done comes with you. You can’t really start fresh until you make peace with the past. Derek Rydall, a prominent life coach and spiritual leader, whose book Emergence, Seven Steps for a Radical Life Change (and podcasts) are well worth putting on your reading/listening list for 2017, says, “Every unfinished pattern of the… Continue reading