Sanity and Sobriety in the Holiday Season – Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT

For recovering addicts, the holidays are a dangerous time of year. At the very least, we must deal with holiday expectations for love and connection and merry making. Often, we think our holidays should look like a Normal Rockwell painting, and when that doesn’t happen we feel disappointed, pressured, anxious, not good enough, and maybe even a little depressed. In the midst of all this stress, it’s easy to become a little crazed and to lose sight of what’s most important in our lives: our sobriety. Sadly, even addicts who are firmly grounded in recovery can revert to old patterns during this supposedly joyful season. When this happens, we need to pause and remind ourselves that without sobriety, there is zero chance of connecting with our loved ones and enjoying the holidays the way we’d like. If you’re worried about staying sober through the holiday season, it is useful to… Continue reading