Recovery Revolution (Ten Historic Milestones) – William L White

Critics have claimed that recovery advocacy, recovery management, recovery-oriented systems of care, and related ideas and initiatives are a “flavor of the month” fad and that the so-called “recovery revolution” is nothing more than new words for what the addictions field has been doing for decades. Such shallow criticism ignores fundamental changes that are unfolding that will profoundly influence the future of addiction recovery—and the future of addiction treatment as a social institution.  I recently posted an outline detailing these changes in ten critical areas: 1) International growth and diversification of secular, spiritual, and religious recovery mutual aid organizations, 2) Exponential growth of virtual recovery communities and online recovery support resources, 3) Birth and maturation of a new recovery advocacy movement, 4) Emergence of an ecumenical (beyond identification with a particular mutual aid society or treatment institution) culture of recovery, 5) Rise of new recovery support institutions, 6) New recovery support roles/services as… Continue reading