Avoiding Isolation, Staying Connected Helpful in Recovery – Vivian Cummings

When interviewing experts on addiction and recovery, I like to ask my subjects about advice for people struggling with addiction. What are the best things you can do to stay on track with your recovery? I’ve gotten a wide variety of responses, but one theme that comes up over and over again is some version of, “Stay connected.” Isolation, or feeling alone, is unhealthy for anyone—but particularly so for someone struggling to stay sober. One good coping strategy is to share your feelings and problems with someone you trust—whether you’re dealing with everyday difficulties or the desire to drink or use drugs. This might involve friends, family members, mentors, and others you feel safe with. However, many people struggle with addiction also benefit from peer groups, where they can share with others who understand the challenges of addiction to drugs or alcohol. NA, AA, and other community peer groups can… Continue reading